Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wabi Tea Co.

Today, I finished the store display signs to be used in Tria Market, on the aisles where the products will be sold. As of now, Wabi Tea Co. products can only be purchased at Tria as well as in the Blissful Heights Healing Center. The line of loose leaf teas consists of 36 organic healing blends and 6 of these teas are yummy dessert teas. The tag line for the promotional campaign is a, "A dessert your body deserves"and I for one can vouch that they are indeed delicious!

For this project, I designed the package labeling you see in these photos for both the daily teas and dessert teas. I also did the design work for the store display signs.

This first pic is of one of the end aisle displays...

A photo of the display sign on the retail side of Tria Market.

This sign is displayed within Tria Market Restaurant, which exclusively serves the dessert teas.
Photo of the dessert tea line product tins, on display in Tria Market.

A glimpse of some of the daily teas that are for sale in Tria.