Monday, November 10, 2008

Leonardo Da Vinci

Yesterday afternoon, I finally went to see the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibit that was being shown at the Birmingham Museum of Art. Not only did I see his amazing work, but also learned many interesting facts about Leonardo himself. I never knew that he was not a prolific painter. He had fewer than 20 paintings and of these not all of them were finished. Although he had few paintings, he had hundreds of drawings and sketches. Some of these sketches and drawings are what made up the exhibit that we saw yesterday.

While studying the art, I found his minimal stokes to be quite fascinating. It only took him one stroke to convey what it takes most many shades and shadows to create. He makes it look so does anyone who is brilliant at their craft.

This photo was taken of a promotional piece created for the exhibit. The original piece was part of the exhibit.


  1. I envy your seeing it.I was most amazed to find out he was a noted scientist,,,Wonder of it all.

  2. I missed his exhibit when it was here in NYC doh! But I truly admire his work... he was not only a painter but also an inventor and scientist I think... many of the drawings he did were like inventions which I thought was fascinating!

    love the portrait you picked it is beautifully realistic in it's simplicity!

  3. omg i wanted to see that! it was opening just after we were leaving b'ham to come back to nola during gustav! i bet it's amazing!