Sunday, November 18, 2012

Alabama Treasures

After living in Alabama for a total of 10+ years, I am still constantly amazed at the little treasures that are hidden in the state that I call home. A month or so ago, we visited 2 spots that I had never seen. We took F camping with friends at Little River Canyon. She is officially a fan of camping. I am officially a fan of this little piece of Alabama.

This is Little River Falls which is located in Little River Canyon, in the Northeast part of Alabama.

The photo above is of Desoto Falls, which is located in Desoto State Park. It is a short distance from Little River Canyon. Both spots are free and require little to no hiking to view the falls. 

My hubby and I also spent a weekend at Joe Wheeler State Park while attending a wedding on the other side of the state. We enjoyed the peaceful vibe of the park and watching all the boats come in late Saturday afternoon from our balcony. There was a steady stream of boats for more than an hour and it was mesmerizing to watch them float into the harbor. 

If you are in the Southeast, both make for great affordable weekend getaways.

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