Saturday, September 19, 2009

Details, Details

Custom work is my favorite. I love it when a bride knows what she wants and this bride definitely did. Natalie was great to work with and it was fun working to create her vision for each piece for her wedding.

To start with, she had these Save the Dates that featured one of their engagement photos. Such a great way to announce your day.

In lieu of the traditional program, Natalie opted for fans. The doodled wedding party on one side of the fan is so unique! On the flip side, the events for the evening.

Natalie took photos from their big day and turned them into her thank you notes. These were a flat card that had this on one side and the other was blank for the written note. What a great idea?

All are creative ideas that could be used for your special occasion. Even if these are not exactly what you have in mind, maybe they will spark an idea or your own.

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