Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Latest Creative Project

In the past weeks (or months) the biggest creative project in my life has been the nursery of our soon-to-be baby girl. As of yesterday, I'm considering it done! It has been so much fun getting it all together, but it has also been a ton of work. Here are some photos of where our little angel will rest her head.

Here's her crib. The art on the wall is a decal from a fellow Etsy artist, Chuck E. Byrd. The design went perfect with the look I was going for in the room.

We got the valance to go with the bedding set. I am not one for "matchy matchy" rooms so I was unsure as to whether or not I would use it. After adding it on top of the curtains...I still wasn't sold. Well, after adding the sassy fringe and hot pink fuzzy balls to the base of it, I was definite that this was a perfect touch to the room. My very artistic, jack of all trades mother graciously added this touch for me!

The butterflies might be my favorite detail! The air vent in the room is close to them so they just lightly flutter around in the corner. I love them.

A painting to add some orange to the room. Painted by yours truly.

Hopefully as our little girl grows she will like her room as much as we do!


  1. It looks beautiful!! What a precious joy to be awaiting your miracle! Congrats! I look forward to that feeling one day soon myself!

  2. What a cute baby room! I love the bright colours and the butterfly mobiles are super sweet:)

  3. oh I love your nursery stuff! that wall applique is awesome! and the butterflies! I did something similar in our old house