Thursday, January 15, 2009

Baby, it's cold outside!

Brrrr...I thought birds were supposed to fly south for the winter? This bird is wishing she was much further south! Temperatures all over the country are hovering around zero (or below). Yikes! Our weather here yesterday was in the mid-50s once the sun came out for a little while and now the wind chill is in the teens and should be close to zero or below tomorrow. Remind me not to leave my house tomorrow!

In thinking of warmer are a couple of photos from the beach for inspiration.


  1. Claire, love your stantionary/card designs. You really have a great eye for design. I guess that's why it's part of your shop name (eye).
    I have you all linked up w/ my blog now. Thanks for linking me in on yours.
    Stay warm, I know this cold snap will pass soon!

  2. Thanks!

    I sure hope is definitely cold! I'm already itching for Spring!